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Athena Stevens


Address: Greenland Dock, London


Professional info


Ongoing artistic colleagues include: Ben Okri, David Means, Andre Dubus III, Rob Ritchie, The Actors Centre, Dominic Cooke, Ché Walker, Zubin Varla, Barbara Houseman, The National Theatre Studio, Deborah Paige and The Royal Shakespeare Company.

Produced Plays


Detours Ahead - Victoria Gardens Theatre

The Amazing Vancetti Sisters - The Trsitan Bates Theatre

Young Marble Statues - The Jerwood Space







French (Basic)

Attic Greek



Dean Rusk Grant:

enabled extensive research project on disability and identity in theatre

Fiction, Esssays & Non Fiction


  • Screenwriter, Cynthia, The Boundry Stone, Assistive Devices, and Day of Small Things

  • Essayist for "Global Health Narratives: A Reader For Youth" (Published 2009 University of New Mexico Press)

  • Never Walked in High Heels, a weekly blog of personal narratives and essays

  • Contibutor to numerous text books on topics such as medical and social reform

  • Other writing work includes; stand up comedy, speeches, historical research, criticism, creative non fiction, fiction, poetry, public exhibits.



Artistic Director of Aegis Productions, Director of Digital Drama, Educational Workshop Leader, Former Lead Advisor on Disability Issues for the London Underground, Human Rights Activist and social advocate. TV Documentary writer and presenter. 

In the Spring of 2014 Athena gave her first TEDx talk. 

2010 - present

2010 - present

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